Everyone’s reaction to Gareth’s legendary goal against Barcelona

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“The personal, paternalistic leadership style of Bernabeu instilled in the club a simple ethos that resembled that of a religious order more than that of a political organization. The main elements consisted of a sense of austerity, hard work, humility and honesty. Real Madrid transmitted these values through its players onto the field, summarized in a term that has come to be known as señorío”.

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CLEAR - Behind The Scenes

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Iker Casillas interviewed for The Green Soccer Journal | 22-06-14

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Toni Kroos’ first moments on the Bernabeu pitch as an RM player | 17-07-14


a strong female character is one who is defined by her own characteristics, history and personality, and not solely by the actions or needs of other characters. she is a person in the story, not a prop. x

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i use humor to cover up the fact that i want to jump off a bridge

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