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Thank you Xabi for every thing ! Goodbye !

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James scored his first goal for Real Madrid on august 19th.

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Real Madrid’s third kit presentation | 26.8.2014 x
"The new kit goes well with my tattoos." -Marcelo 

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We will always be grateful for everything you did for us, and we will never forget each perfect moment you gave us at the pitch. Moments where we lost our patience and faith and you were always there, making us believe. What is a counter attack without you? What is our midfield now without you? We wish you all luck in the world wherever you may be because that’s what you deserve. Now you’ll have your name chanted by another crowd, in another stadium. But in our hearts you remain forever as one of us. Gracias, Fideo!

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things that piss me off:

  1. my teams losing.
  2. people talking shit about iker
  3. my teams not winning

4. Atletico de Madrid

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iker casillas being cute as fuck | ALS ice bucket challenge

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